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Strategic Risk Management

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Financial Resilience Through Strategic Risk Management


In the competitive landscape of the nutritional supplements industry, a private equity-owned company struggled with a pivotal challenge, its Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) lagged behind industry peers, stunting its growth potential. Keen to overcome this hurdle and fortify financial resilience through strategic risk management, the company embarked on a mission to optimize its TCOR, necessitating a strategic overhaul of its risk and insurance programs.



  • Comprehensive evaluation of the existing risk and insurance infrastructure, pinpointing vulnerabilities, and opportunities.
  • Comparative analysis against industry peers, offering a clear snapshot of the company’s standing in the market.
  • Implementation of best practices, fostering a culture of efficiency and excellence within the organization.



  • Meticulous negotiation yielded a $6 million premium reduction, a direct contribution to the company’s bottom line.
  • Strategic adjustments led to a 40% reduction in TCOR, surpassing industry benchmarks.
  • Improved broker relationships resulted in a 60% reduction in fees.
  • Most notably, this transformation resulted in no additional costs to the client.


This success story underscores the transformative power of strategic risk management. In a landscape where risk is inevitable, recognizing the value of expert guidance becomes a defining factor for success.


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