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We are an independent risk management services firm for Fortune 500 enterprises and mid-size companies with complex risk profiles. When you align with us, good things happen. And to ensure predictable, repeatable risk-management success, we developed a unique and effective business model.

New Business Model Is All about You

Ours is a fresh business model that disrupts the stale, old insurance industry. It’s a business model that distinctly aligns us with you and other stakeholders in navigating the risk transfer landscape. It’s a no-commission, fee-for-service model that ensures objective advice from an independent ally. It’s a business model that gives you a powerful competitive advantage by optimizing your total cost of risk (TCOR), increasing profitability, and ensuring more predictable results.

The Ideal Risk International Client:

  • A global, public enterprise with revenue greater than $1 billion
  • Public or private company with revenue exceeding $100 million
  • Has a large, complex risk profile
  • Is in the manufacturing, chemical, distribution, or similar industry
  • Is willing to challenge the risk status quo
  • Recognizes that risk management is not an internal strength

Outsourced Risk Management

Imagine you’re the Treasurer or CFO for a Fortune 500 company with many global production facilities and a complex risk profile. Or imagine you are a CFO of a mid-sized, privately held company. You’re dealing with liquidity, asset management, pension, IT and many other business needs. Then someone puts risk management on your plate. If you’re lucky, risk management might occupy 5 to 10 percent of your time. So, why not outsource your risk management to Risk International and eliminate the burden, with the confidence that you have the best risk management department in the world watching your back?

Cleaning Case StudyCleaning Case Study

Why Outsource Risk Management to Risk International?

  • Optimize your total cost of risk —  even reduce it to less than half that of your peers
  • Take advantage of our accumulated industry knowledge and expertise
  • Receive trustworthy advice without bias
  • Have more time to do what you do best

Instead of creating yet another in-house risk management department or disrupting the focus of a current function, why not hire a company that already has close to 100 risk management professionals with decades of experience managing risk for the world’s largest companies? We have turn-key services for an entire risk management department. Or any part of it.

Use Captives to Manage Risk?

Captives are a proven tool of effective risk management. They offer many benefits to companies, especially larger organizations that want to reduce cost, protect themselves financially, take more control over how the business is insured, and experience a more predictable and consistent cash flow. We’ll work with your company to efficiently retain your predictable, expected losses using captives, rather than trading dollars and paying the expense loads of commercial insurers.

Captive Services Offered by Risk International

  • Claims analysis to see which business lines will fit in a captive structure
  • Manage formation of a captive insurance company
  • Captive oversight
  • Premium financing

Risk International’s RDS™

Risk management information systems, or RMIS, have become the common language of risk management. But at most RMIS vendors, a RMIS is strictly a product, not a product and service as it is at Risk International. That’s because many risk management information systems are created by IT specialists and software designers, not by risk managers. While that may seem okay, IT and software professionals are like many other functions: challenged when it comes to managing risk. And sometimes the reverse is true: Companies expect risk managers to handle the IT side of a RMIS.

RDS™ as a Product and Service

We have risk management specialists who straddle the line between those two critical disciplines — IT and risk management. So, in addition to offering a proven, enhanced RMIS product we provide risk management support and administration services with our RMIS. RDS is hosted by an IT vendor who clearly understands the value-added risk management services we offer in connection with our RMIS product. In addition, our risk management experts also comprehend the IT structure of RDS. Trust Risk International’s RDS to provide all the RMIS expertise you’ll ever need.

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