Actuarial Consulting

Actuarial Consulting: Empowering You To Make Confident Decisions

We offer property and casualty actuarial consulting services that are fully independent from the insurance industry. With no ties to specific insurance providers, we receive no financial incentives. Our only motivation is your satisfaction.

Providing detailed risk management assessments gives you the true costs associated with your risk management and insurance programs. We do this in a clear, easy-to-understand way that takes the guesswork out of what is typically a very complicated process.

Losses can come from any number of directions and impact your bottom line more than you may like to admit. Our job is to make sure your business is adequately protected, and that you fully understand the cost of that protection. There are two main types of insurance used to protect against losses:

Property Insurance typically covers the losses sustained due to your company’s inability to produce income.

Casualty Insurance is designed to protect you from legal liability and losses caused by injury to other people and their properties. This includes workers’ compensation coverage.

Our actuarial consulting services provide a streamlined process that can be leveraged in the following situations:

Self-Insurance Programs

Assist growing companies in realizing significant savings through the creation of self-insurance programs.

Captive Insurance Programs and Risk Retention Groups

Help clients efficiently manage and finance their exposures by establishing Captive Insurance Programs and Risk Retention Groups.

Mutual Insurance and Insurance Company Support

Counsel mutual companies with pricing and reserving.

Effectively support insurance companies with an array of services.

State Regulatory Support

Work with State Departments of Insurance, providing insightful analysis in many areas.

Expert Witness Services

Support in numerous legal proceedings emanating from insurance disputes by providing expert actuarial services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Provide unbiased financial analyses and due diligence, which are critical in the merger or acquisition of an insurance entity.

Risk International’s actuarial consultants take away the anxiety of important business decisions by providing accurate reports with crucial information and analysis. Your risks become opportunities when we make complicated potential outcomes easy to understand.

Pricing Analysis

Create a projection of expected (and sometimes adverse case) losses for the upcoming policy period and develop and recommend a total premium amount.

Reserve Review (RR)

Analyze and determine Unpaid Claim Estimates. Draw up a Statement of Actuarial Opinion to file with the Department of Insurance.

Captive Feasibility Study (CFS)

Present actuarial analysis in conjunction with a study to ascertain whether the formation of a captive insurance company is a viable risk financing alternative under your given circumstances.

Assist in Completion of Disclosures Required Under ASU 2015-09

Provide the necessary actuarial calculations, analyses, and documentation in compliance with Accounting Standards Update No. 2015-09 “Financial Services – Insurance (Topic 944): Disclosures about Short-Duration Contracts.”

Financial Condition Analysis

Perform an independent peer review of the actuarial reserve analysis and Statement of Actuarial Opinion, per the Financial Condition Examiners Handbook.

Captive Application Review

Perform an independent peer review of the actuarial analysis, or feasibility study, contained within the application for the captive insurance you are considering.

Who We Serve

Companies from coast to coast and around the globe.

Mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 brands.

Everything from professional firms to construction companies, manufacturers, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and municipalities.

Why Risk International

Our team is valued for our actuarial intelligence and personalized approach.

You collaborate directly with our actuaries, but we still provide the same support and analytics as larger firms.

With fewer layers of people, our actuarial consulting services remain competitively priced.

As a leading provider of actuarial consulting services, our Results page shares insightful case studies showcasing the benefits our consulting services bring to diverse industries and clients.