Benefits Advisory

Reducing The Cost of Employee Benefits

Employee benefits insurance programs are among the top spending categories for companies of all sizes. Opportunities to save in this area can positively impact your bottom line. In today’s marketplace of confusing supplier systems, intermediaries, and veiled contracts, you need a partner ready to go the distance to protect your company’s best interests.

At Risk International, we make the employee benefits economy work for employers and their employees. Unlike insurance brokers, we act independently from the industry. With our guidance, the management of your employee benefits program will no longer be dictated by the insurance industry’s product cycle. We serve as fiduciary advisors, assuming the highest duty of care to ensure complete alignment with our clients, placing their interests above all else, and advocating for them to have a greater command of their employee benefits program.

Our team digs deep to significantly reduce the Total Cost of Benefits (TCOB). With a no commission, fee-for-service model, we put our clients first, eliminating any conflict of interest. We offer expert guidance and a proven method to control benefits costs.

We save an average of $1,600 per employee per year without cost-shifting to employees or reducing benefits.

From our game-changing diagnostic programs to our unique process, we have helped companies trim millions in health care and benefits costs without compromising the quality of services provided to the employees.

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Benefits Diagnostic with TCOB and Savings Opportunity Analysis

  • Provide comprehensive current-state assessments of health and benefit plans and TCOB forensics.
  • Outline prioritized savings opportunities and program enhancements with fiduciary assurance.

Benefits Governance - Continued Monitoring and Performance

  • Establish an annual operating plan for continuous improvement and performance optimization while holding suppliers accountable to contractual obligations.
  • Keep you informed on industry trends and market updates.
  • Implement continuous improvement and quality control measures.
  • Perform overall plan governance risk management, including documentation and stewardship, with fiduciary assurance.

Benefits Ancillary Services

  • Impact Analysis - Administration Sourcing
  • Outsourced/Co-Sourced Benefits Management
  • Human Capital Management Technology Assessment and Support
  • Due Diligence Assessment and Reporting

Who and Where We Serve

We help employers across the U.S. capitalize on every dollar of employee benefits spent. If you spend money on it, we scrutinize it.

Private Equity Firms Looking to Improve PortCo Operations Costs

Fortune 500

Companies with 250+ Employees

All Industries and Plan Types

M&A Benefits Consolidation Opportunities

Why Risk International

We deliver savings in 100% of our client engagements.

We have proven results that are unattainable in the traditional industry.

Without cost-shifting to employees or reducing benefits, we save an average of $1,600 per employee per year.

We have never and will never take any money or favors from the insurance industry.