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Total Reductions in Client's TCOR (total cost of risk)

Free from Conflict of Interest, Ready to Eliminate Waste and Maximize Value

We are an independent, unbiased benefits management services group using years of experience in the industry to optimize your benefits spend.

We don’t manage plans, we maximize their outcomes.

Our formula includes complete independence from the industry and the inherent conflict of interest that runs rampant in this business. Our clients hire us because they are done with the same old tired approach and unacceptable results.

Our objective is to help you capitalize on every dollar of benefits spend using our independence, expertise and insider knowledge. If you spend money on it, we review it. With Risk International Benefits Advisors (RIBA)™ on your team you have peace of mind knowing that your benefits program will outperform your competition.

Our business model is simple – get results! It’s a no commission, fee-for-service model that ensures objective advice. This guarantees freedom from all conflicts of interest that currently exist in the benefits industry today.

The Ideal RIBA Client:

  • Is interested in working with a firm that is aligned with its goals and objectives
  • Understands that the current system is not set up to promote forward thinking
  • Desires to eliminate waste, receive superior vendor performance and explore untapped strategies and solutions
  • Has a willingness to embrace new ideas for successful outcomes
  • Is motivated to increase the bottom line through creative solutions

Check 173

The most comprehensive diagnostic and assessment of benefits spend and services in the market.

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Impact Analysis

A complete review of all broker and consultant services, compensation and market options to ensure your interests (not theirs) are being met.

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Take our guided tour through the world of private exchanges. You will be amazed at the options and structures that exist.


You already have the players, it’s time you found a coach to inventory, direct, challenge and take full advantage of all your vendor services and curtail fees. Maximum vendor performance is guaranteed.

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Advisory Services

Maximize every dollar of benefits spend using our independent expertise and insider knowledge. Instead of trying to hire this type of expertise internally, hire us

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Case Studies


Benefits Advisory


Private Exchanges Exposed: Risk International Shines a Spotlight on the Grand Illusion.


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Benefits Advisory


Risk International Benefits Advisors (RIBA) Leads Medical Device Company to $5 Million in Benefits Plan Savings.


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Benefits Advisory


Risk International Benefit Advisors saves construction company $800,000+ by overhauling benefits system and broker arrangement.


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Benefits Advisory


National Retailer with 14,000 Employees Saves More Than $8 Million.


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See How Health Plan Costs Devastate Middle America’s Disposable Income

Your middle-income employees are suffering financially. Meager pay increases over the last decade have amplified the silent killer of their disposable income – health plan costs.
Your strategy for health plan management is failing your employees. The findings cover a 10-year review of wages, health plan costs for the employer and employee, and most importantly, the drastic impact plan design changes have on employees’ disposable incomes. The numbers are striking.
The upside is you, as a leader within your organization, are in a position to shift this paradigm. Too many company resources are being wasted on unnecessary health care expenditures. Don’t follow your counterparts who work within the rules of the same system that caused this mess to begin with. Do something to manage costs. The path to successfully righting the ship for both the company and employees are outlined here.

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