Claims Services

Claims Recovery Services: Preventing Loss and
Maximizing Recovery

Risk International was founded on claims recovery services. We have spent more than 35 years mitigating risk and maximizing recovery when losses occur. We deliver a business-minded solution to legal challenges, including short-tail claims and complex environmental and toxic tort long-tail claims.

Through effective safety and loss control strategies and strategic oversight and direction, we help our clients reduce their Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).

From receiving a claim to the final payments, Risk International handles your claims recovery process from start to finish. Our team knows how to negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you recover the maximum payout from your policies. The data analytics and reporting keep us up to date on claims recovery trends so that our clients always come out ahead of the game. Our suite of services encompasses everything you need to effectively manage claims. We take on the work, and your profits increase.

Claim Program Management and Oversight

Design, implement, and provide oversight for corporate claims management. Manage vendor and strategic claims, giving location-level claim support.

Claim Audit

Review claim files to ensure compliance with special handling instructions and industry best practices. Provide scorecards for vendor performance.

Claim Closure

Perform a legacy claims closure and settlement process to improve your financial position.

Complex Claims Management

Manage and oversee the claims process to optimize the outcome of potential recovery.

Excess Workers Compensation Claim Recovery

Oversee the administration of excess WC claims, reimbursements, reporting, and the recovery process for self-insured states and excess WC carriers.

Expert Witness/
Litigation Support

Provide expert consultative and testimonial services to establish historical insurance coverage and for the reconstruction of insurance policies.

Insurance Archaeology and Policy Reconstruction

Conduct research to locate and identify historical insurance coverage. Review, analyze, and reconstruct that coverage.

Loss Portfolio Transfer

Coordinate and structure the transfer of legacy claims to another party or vehicle to improve financial conditions and reduce administrative burden.

Claims Analytics

Maintain a database with current status, key facts, and costs incurred for large groups of similar claims (such as asbestos claims). Leverage data collection to provide claim trending and reporting, as well as cost allocations to support insurance reimbursements.

Who and Where We Serve

Operating as extensions of our clients, supporting internal teams, or functioning as an outsourced risk management claims department.

Serving clients of all sizes, from small family-owned businesses to $60+ billion corporations.

Working claims for companies with sophisticated risk profiles.

Why Risk International

Few companies have been in the claims business as long as Risk International.

Over the years, we have gathered nearly 25,000 historic policies and have a proprietary database that enables us to instantly track them.

We know what types of policies are available and can access them when needed, which is an advantage few competitors can match when trying to reconstruct coverage and recover on a claim.

Our high number of client referrals and the longevity of our client engagements speaks to our trustworthiness.

As a leading provider of claims recovery services, our Results page shares insightful case studies showcasing the benefits our consulting services bring to diverse industries and clients.