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Employee Benefits Strategy

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Optimizing Benefits With A Strategic Employee Benefits Strategy



A solid employee benefits strategy is crucial in today’s rapidly changing world. Our consulting services client relied on an outdated Medical/RX product for over a decade despite experiencing rapid headcount growth. Recognizing the urgent need for transformation, we thoroughly examined the situation and identified significant areas for improvement.



  • Discovered an antiquated Medical/RX product.
  • Revealed a low stop-loss deductible that did not align with the growing number of enrollees.
  • Identified a deficiency in complex care management.



Our proactive approach led to a shift from a traditional carrier-based administrative model to a third-party administrator, providing deeper network discounts, lower fixed costs, and increased flexibility. Key initiatives included:

  • Full sourcing of pharmacy services, resulting in substantially improved financial guarantees, contractual terms/conditions, and value-added clinical programs.
  • Implementation of a concierge care navigation resource, guiding members to the most cost-effective and highest-quality point of service.
  • Refining the specific stop-loss deductible, thereby optimizing their risk management strategy.


Our comprehensive employee benefits strategy yielded exceptional outcomes, with our client experiencing $1.8 million in first-year savings. This success illustrates the power of having a well-designed and strategic employee benefits plan.


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