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Risk International has developed a skilled and experienced integrated Claims Services team that provides professional, proactive  and cost-effective solutions to its clients.

Risk International is well-equipped to assist its clients in understanding and preventing risk, as well as mitigating and maximizing recovery when losses do occur. For decades, Risk International has managed and successfully resolved complex environmental and toxic tort (asbestos) long-tail claims, as well as short-tail claims. With regard to risk control and loss prevention, Risk International is able to drive process improvement and awareness to develop effective safety and loss control strategies, all with the effect of lowering total cost of risk. The services offered include Outsourced Claims Management & Litigation Support, Insurance Archaeology, Policy Reconstruction, Claims Recovery, Safety and Loss Control, and can be customized to best serve the needs of each client.

Outsourced Claims Management and Litigation Support

When companies manage claims in-house, the responsibility generally falls to a claims manager within the risk management department or to the legal department. For companies without a risk management department or a dedicated claims professional, and with legal departments often having other priorities within the business, companies are many times forced to rely upon brokers or third party administrators to manage claims, a practice that can be costly, inefficient and ultimately, unsuccessful.

As an outsourced claims manager, Risk International provides oversight of brokers and third-party administrators, while driving change and process improvement, in addition to facilitating proper claim handling and cost-effective claim resolution.  In the end, this results in a more efficient program and a lower total cost to the client.

In addition to implementing best practices from a claims management perspective, Risk International plays a critical litigation support role. Risk International has an experienced staff of claims and insurance professionals, including licensed and formerly practicing attorneys, which are able to provide sophisticated and skilled insight and recommendations. This experience and unique perspective allows Risk International to be an effective facilitator amongst in-house legal counsel, outside counsel, carriers, brokers and third-party administrators, resulting in a streamlined and collaborative approach to litigation and claim resolution. 

Risk International can offer an efficient and cost-effective business solution, while providing clients with access to numerous claims professionals with extensive experience in a broad range of disciplines, and the ability to customize a program to meet the needs of any client.

Self-Insured Loss ReductionSelf-Insured Loss Reduction

Insurance Archaeology/Policy Reconstruction/Claims Recovery

You’ll find that Risk International is skilled at not only locating documentation and establishing coverage, but negotiating with carriers to obtain favorable recoveries. In that regard, the Risk International claims team has located and reconstructed more than $41 billion in lost policies, and recovered more than a half billion dollars in policyholder claims for clients around the world.

To aid in this process, Risk International has developed a proprietary database program to track detailed claim, cost and policy data that provides our clients with a powerful tool to manage their claim liabilities and evaluate recovery potential.

Our team works closely with our clients to identify key data points to track and develop reports that provide the information they need when they need it. Access to this extensive data allows Risk International to:

  • Manage claims and costs presented to insurers under Coverage in Place agreements
  • Prepare claim and cost allocations for evaluation of settlement demands
  • Track SIR and policy erosion levels
  • Compile data for litigation support

Risk International works to implement efficiencies in the tracking process that allow us to maintain up to date data in a cost effective manner. We understand that long tail claims are often complex and have developed automated processes to generate notice to the insurers and track their coverage positions. We follow through to secure coverage and pursue recovery. Finally, we take steps to monitor the accuracy and integrity of the data that we track.

This ability to compile and maintain precise data enables Risk International to present claims and negotiate favorable outcomes for its clients, leading to millions of dollars of recovery over the years.

Safety and Loss Control

Risk International works with its clients to establish strategies and best practices that enhance the effectiveness of safety, risk control and loss prevention initiatives and to increase employee involvement in these programs. Risk International knows that preparation, training and education are the key to success.  Risk International works with its clients to identify risk and increase awareness, with the ultimate goal of improving safety and preventing injuries, while reducing the total cost of risk.

Risk International services are customized to meet its clients’ needs, and include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Education and Training
  2. Safety Assessments
  3. Safety Program Development
  4. OSHA Recordkeeping & Compliance
  5. Loss Analysis
  6. Root Cause Analysis

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