Printer Doubles Revenue with Cybersecurity Services

Commercial Printer Doubles Revenue Using Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler

Services Provided
Cybersecurity Risk


The Challenge

A small printing company in Utah was tapped on the shoulder by a few very large banking and healthcare companies wanting to find a partner with the ability to print and secure documents that were critical to their business and to their clients.

These documents needed to be gathered, stored, printed, mailed and managed securely. In order to be considered for the new revenue opportunity they needed to demonstrate formal and complete security practices, including governance, certification, cyber insurance coverage and more.

The Solution

A complete independent security gap and risk assessment was completed that aligned their business priorities. The Risk International Security Business Alignment 7 (SBA7™) methodology aligns technical risk and gaps to business needs.  A complete security strategy was created, focused on the top 10 needs.  Over 70% of the needed control recommendations were completed at no cost.  The healthcare client came with a team of auditors to ensure that the proper security controls were in place, and with the help of experienced vCISO resources at the table the new contract was signed and delivered, doubling revenue and the size of the company.  Without the formal security plan and execution this would not have been possible.

Risk International Cybersecurity practice enables your business with the SBA7 Security Methodology, reducing risks and costs while enabling revenue.

The Results

As a result, the company saved $8 million across various plans, while simultaneously providing its employees more valuable, relevant benefits. In addition to the savings, new client service touchpoints and processes were added to ensure vendor accountability.