Nutritional Supplement Company Reduces TCOR by 40%

Nutritional Supplement Company Reduces TCOR by 40%

Services Provided
Risk Management


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Valued at more than $4 billion, a privately owned nutritional supplements company had worse TCOR than its peers.

Wanting to reduce its overall TCOR, the company hired Risk International to benchmark it and create tension in order to increase savings. 

The Stats

13,000 Employees

4 Months
Speed of Capture

$60+ Mil
Shareholder Value Creation


  • • Engaged to evaluate risk and insurance programs
  • • Benchmarked total cost of risk (TCOR) relative to peers
  • • Created competitive tension and implemented best practices to optimize results

Premiums Lowered By $6 Million

  • 40% TCOR Reduction
  • Lowered broker's fees by 60%
  • No incremental cost to company for RI services

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