$2.4 Billion Valued Industrial Packaging Company Lowers Premiums by Millions

Services Provided
Risk Management


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Private, equity-owned industrial packaging company reduced its TCOR.

Risk International was engaged to evaluate its programs, resulting in millions of savings to its premiums. 

The Stats

2,200 Employees

4 Months
Speed of Capture

$30+ Mil
Shareholder Value Creation


  • • Engaged to evaluate risk and insurance programs
  • • Managed broker selection, program design, program placement
  • • Benchmarked Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) to peer group
  • • Created competitive tension and implemented best practices to optimize results

Premiums Lowered By $3 Million

  • 33% TCOR Reduction
  • Enhanced coverage terms and conditions
  • Retained as the permanent outsourced risk management department

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