Integrated Acquisition Program Saved $1.4 Million for Heavy Machinery Company

Services Provided
Risk Management


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Valued at $140 million, a Heavy Machinery Company contacted Risk International to run their TCOR to help reduce premium costs.

Risk International managed the marketing and underwriting process with the new broker to create a successful integrated acquisition.

The Stats

720 Employees

7 Months
Speed of Capture

$21+ Mil
Shareholder Value Creation


  • • Engaged by Private Equity to run TCOR
  • • Completed Broker RFP and acquisition due diligence
  • • Cancelled and re-wrote program with a new broker
  • • Managed the marketing and underwriting process
  • • Successfully integrated acquisition

Premiums Lowered By $1.4 Million

  • 66% reduction year over year
  • No changes to deductibles

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