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Ranked 29 in Weatherhead Top 100 Listings

Case Western Reserve University | Weatherhead 100 School of Management | December, 4 2017


Established in 1988, The Weatherhead 100 awards are the premier celebration of Northeast Ohio’s spirit of entrepreneurship and the companies leading the way in Northeast Ohio. Each year, Case Western Reserve University recognizes elite group of companies who are the best example of leadership, growth and success in the region. Companies that make the list are recognized for their percent of revenue growth over the past five years.

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Enough is Enough: Health Insurance Plan Cost Hikes

Crain’s Cleveland Business | November 27, 2017


Employers need to stop rolling over and playing dead when it comes to health insurance plan cost hikes.

What if I told you your payroll costs were going up by 7% this year and your cost of goods sold were up 8%? And what if you then found out that your peers were seeing significantly lower increases, thereby shifting competitive advantage in their favor? What would you do?

I’m fairly certain most businesses would be up in arms and immediately deploy their best and brightest to figure out what the problem was and how to fix it. Fortunately, you’re probably not facing those cost increases, but you are facing another one that’s equally, if not more, damaging — rising health care plan costs. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Employers Take Cover

Crain’s Cleveland Business | October 28, 2017


‘Stable’ is rarely a word used to describe the health insurance market. But when it comes to the employer-sponsored coverage enjoyed by more than 151 million Americans, it’s an appropriate term. Given that workers will likely be greeted with higher premiums this open enrollment season, the degree of that stability is certainly up for debate.

Ensuring Your Benefits Program is the Picture of Health

Fence contractors, like many business owners, have been able to manage the cost of healthcare by switching to more consumer-driven plans in which employees take on more expenses. But the cost-shifting alone may not be enough as expenses continue to escalate; contractors also must find additional ways to reduce costs within benefits programs to prevent their bottom lines from being significantly impacted.

Event: Kirk Walsh to Speak at CMBA

Cleveland, OH | CMBA Conference Center | June 21, 2017


Topic: Managing Risk – Tools for Building a Risk & Crisis Program. This interactive, hands-on seminar will focus on providing lawyers and their clients the tools for developing solid Risk Management and Crisis Management & Communications programs, which work hand-in-hand to protect an organization’s reputation, data and business.

Event: WVIZ Interview

WVIZ Interview | January 23, 2017


Randall Davis appears on WVIZ’s program Ideas to discuss The University of Akron’s new bachelor’s degree in Risk Management and Insurance and the need for educated individuals entering the insurance industry.

Health care pricing — there is a better way

Crain’s Cleveland Business | January 28, 2017


While there is much debate and uncertainty about the future of how health care and health insurance will be structured going forward, what we do know is that the United States spends $3 trillion on health care annually, which makes up 17% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).

Taking Control of Benefits

Construction Today | January 2017 Edition

Benefits plans – and specifically health benefits – have long been used as a cost-effective and tax-advantageous way to support wages in a holistic view of total compensation.

Northeast Ohio Private Equity are Key to RIBA’s Growth Plans

Crain’s Cleveland Business | December 11, 2016

The relatively young benefits consulting practice of Risk International Services Inc., one of the largest risk management consulting businesses in the country, has found its footing in the Fairlawn-based company’s business model.