Eric Krieg to speak at
the Health Action Council Annual Conference


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Risk International Benefits Advisors President Eric Krieg to Speak at Health Action Council Annual Conference in Cleveland Feb. 16

Krieg to reveal how employers can combat the “silent killer of employees’ disposable income” – rising health care costs that have offset increases to employee take-home pay over past decade

CLEVELAND (Feb. 1, 2017) – Eric Krieg, a nationally known health insurance industry disruptor with 30 years’ experience and president of Risk International Benefits Advisors, will be a featured speaker at Health Action Council’s annual premier educational and networking event to be held at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland on Feb. 15 and 16. Health Action Council is a not-for-profit organization representing employers that enhances human and economic health through thought leadership, innovative services and collaboration. Krieg will deliver his presentation “Benefits Plans: The Silent Killer of Your Employees’ Disposable Income – New Rules for Benefits Management” to conference participants on Thursday, Feb. 16 at 10:15 a.m. Krieg is available for media interviews before or after his talk upon request.

Krieg’s presentation will reveal proprietary data from a recent Risk International Benefits Advisors (RIBA) study which analyzed 10 years of national wage trends and health plan costs. The study, “Health Plan Costs Devastate Middle America’s Disposable Income”, found that while base wages have risen minimally for most Americans over the past decade, employers have had to shift a larger percentage of the financial burden of escalating health plan costs to employees during that same time frame. The result is some employees taking home even less money today than they did 10 years ago, and others seeing only small take-home pay increases that aren’t keeping up with inflation.

“Our study shows that employers need to rethink the way they approach and negotiate their benefits plans,” said Krieg. “Instead of simply accepting higher health plan costs as a forgone conclusion and passing the financial burden on to their employees, companies should find ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the services provided. This is a strategic imperative for companies that want to remain competitive from a financial and recruiting standpoint, especially at a time of lowering unemployment rates. The good news is, there are proven strategies to do it. It just requires a different mindset.”

The RIBA study outlines a five-step plan to enable employers to maintain health plan quality while reducing costs, including focusing on innovative new benefits procurement methods and evaluating vendor relationships and associated arrangements – including hidden costs and conflicts of interest.  This approach has been used by Fortune 1000 and middle market employers which have realized savings in the range of 10-60 percent.  In many cases, companies have saved millions of dollars on their health care spend.

You can read the full “Health Plan Costs Devastate Middle America’s Disposable Income” study here. To arrange an interview with Eric Krieg, contact Eileen Petridis at moc.snoitacinummocsllaf@sidirtepe or (216) 696-0229.

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