See How Health Plan
Costs Devastate Middle
America's Disposable Income


Delivered By Risk International
Total Reductions in Client's TCOR (total cost of risk)
Your middle-income employees are suffering financially. Meager pay increases over the last decade have amplified the silent killer of their disposable income – health plan costs.

Your strategy for health plan management is failing your employees. The findings cover a 10-year review of wages, health plan costs for the employer and employee, and most importantly, the drastic impact plan design changes have on employees’ disposable incomes. The numbers are striking.

The upside is you, as a leader within your organization, are in a position to shift this paradigm. Too many company resources are being wasted on unnecessary health care expenditures. Don’t follow your counterparts who work within the rules of the same system that caused this mess to begin with. Do something to manage costs. The path to successfully righting the ship for both the company and employees are outlined here.