Client Increased Its Self-insured Retentions and Maintained Premiums

Client Increased Its Self-insured Retentions and Maintained Premiums

Services Provided
Actuarial Consulting

Grocery Store

The Challenge

A chain of specialty grocery stores in the southeast faced an enormous task in trying to manage its workers’ compensation and general liability exposures through a large self-insured retention.

Detailed, up-to-date and easy-to-understand analyses were needed to help the retailer maintain adequate reserves and accurately project rates and limits as part of the company’s annual commercial insurance renewals.

The Solution

Risk International Actuarial Consulting scheduled quarterly discussions with the company’s risk management department to effectively communicate the impact of various changes and initiatives on the reserve analysis. On an annual basis, our team completes a loss projection for the coming fiscal year and assists in the setting of premiums as part of the insurance renewal process. Ad hoc analyses are completed to address self-insured limit change opportunities and measure the loss cost impact of various risk management initiatives.

The Results

As a result of these comprehensive, unbiased analytics, the client has been able to increase its self-insured retentions and maintain reasonable overlying commercial premiums relative to retentions.