Outsourced Risk Management

Meet the team that
saved a company
$14 million by
cleaning up its data.

The Problem

When Risk International began working with this client (Company A), the client had a significant property loss on a business that it sold (Company A1) to another company (Company B). The previous risk manager for the client (Company A) kept showing the loss on the loss runs. But that didn’t make sense because it was a loss on a business that (Company A) didn’t own anymore – and certainly didn’t need to insure anymore. The underwriters, of course, considered the $14 million “loss” a risk to our client’s on-going business.

The Risk International Solution

We pulled the loss then used an asset demonstration to prove that (Company A) had a clean record.

The Results: As a result of our clean-up efforts, the client saved more than $14 million.

Many companies don’t routinely do a values collection, also known as data gathering. But we’re big fans because we can save companies substantial money by using this rigorous evaluation process to make sure the data is just right.