For Corporate Executives

Client saved
$80,000 and is
still protected
against loss.

The Problem

Risk International’s client didn’t have a sprinkler system installed at a critical manufacturing site — and it would cost $100,000 to install one. The client’s property insurance carrier forecast that if there were a fire, the facility would burn to the ground. That loss, in turn, would affect other client facilities and possibly halt production throughout the client’s entire division.

The Risk International Solution

While examining the building, we discovered that the site’s fire alarm panel was already monitoring smoke detectors in parts of the facility and was programmed to notify the fire department in the event of smoke. We also found a full-time fire department just 2.5 miles away.

The Results: Client saved $80,000 and is still protected against loss.

Spend $20,000 on additional monitored smoke detectors, achieve virtually the same level of protection, and lower the loss expectancy to an acceptable level for the carrier.